Photography from my friend Kostas

My best friend Kostas Amoiridis is a photographer (mostly fashion) back in Greece. The photo at the corner of this blog was taken by him, for an interview of mine in a Greek magazine (plus some others for other similar occasions… the ones where I pose :-)

Kostas is absolutely fantastic… personality and talent!!! I love him.

Recently he sent me the following photos from his most recent art exhibition. I loved them so much that I asked for his permission to share them with you. The title of this set of photographs is “dinner is served” and, as he says in the introduction of his work, he “mixes tastes with people in order to showcase the unique culture of food, the people, their actions, and their humor” (translation mine so may not be very accurate). The people portrayed in these photos are all well-known in Greece, each one in their own domain… politics, theatre, radio, fashion, etc.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

A 45220
A 45281
A 45300
A 45326
A 45360
A 45382
A 45388
A 45436
A 45461
Picture 012
Picture 015
Picture 024
Picture 031
Picture 042
Picture 047
Picture 058
Picture 111
Picture 118
Picture 130
Picture 140
Picture 145
Picture 161
Picture 166
Picture 177
Picture 195