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September 2009

Weekend trip: Cascade Loop

I spent this weekend on the road. It was absolutely great! I wanted to get out of Seattle, listen to some live music, ride, smell the forest, write, think, etc. etc. It’s sooooo liberating to be on the road. It’s refreshing to meet new people, dance, philosophize, and put

The importance of friends in my life

I try my best in my life to be a good friend to everyone. Sometimes I do mistakes. I seriously apologize to those whom I might have hurt. I do hope that in most times I am someone to whom my friends can count.

Over emotional times, I realize how

Evergreen State Fair and The Pretenders

I had never been to a farmers’ fair here in the US until last Saturday, when I visited the Evergreen State Fair. It was lots of fun :-)… Many different types of animals, art stands, food, music, events, and many-many people :-)

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