A great night at Seattle’s ACT

I don’t often blog about many of the things I do in Seattle in the evenings (well, with the exception of concerts sometimes :-) but last night requires a special entry.

Cindy (blog) took me to Seattle’s “A Contemporary Theatre” for a production of “Das Bardecu”, a comic adaptation of Wagner‘s Der Ring des Nibelungen. It was VERY funny but, most importantly, the entire experience was amazing. Wagner‘s operas are the subject of a symposium at Seattle’s Opera, so they timed it really nicely.

I had never been at that venue before. It’s gorgeous. Even though the theatre was packed, they still need our support so if you are around Seattle, go check their calendar and see a play!

I also met some new people and I was encouraged to explore the University of Washington’s World Series, which I am definitely going to do.

Thanks to Cindy for making me part of her journey around the country while she’s exploring plays, theatres, art groups, etc. It was a fab night and… another one might be scheduled for tonight :-)