Woo hoo… pblog talks AtomPub

It really bothered me that I couldn’t blog from my MacBook Pro. Well, I did manage to post an entry but the particular blog editor didn’t offer a great experience. So far, Windows Live Writer is the best desktop client for blogging that I’ve used. Since I can’t have it on the Mac, I decided that it was time to move away from the Metaweblog API (and its awful XML-RPC roots) and move to AtomPub. I was very productive with book-related writing last night so I thought that I earned few hours of “fun” :-)

Windows Live Writer “talks” AtomPub so I was able to test the new API. If you see this (including the photo at the end), then it means that everything went well.

It was good experience for the book as well since hypermedia coding for Chapter 5 is awaiting :-)

Now, off to see Death Cab for Cutie!