An expensive day: MacBook, iPhone, GPS and communications system for the bike

Today was one of those days… I’ve been planning to make these purchases for a while and I just took the time to do them at the same time.

My 2-years old Windows Mobile phone was showing its age. Since Microsoft hasn’t released anything compelling yet in the user experience front (I am hearing that something good is coming but it’s not around the corner yet), I finally made the decision to move to an iPhone. I got the iPhone 3GS and I love it so far. Do send me suggestions of “must have” applications. I’ve only installed the Facebook and TweetDeck apps so far.

Of course, given the level of my geekyness, I have to experiment with the new environment… which learning the internals and getting around to writing an application or two for the iPhone. I have something concrete in mind, so we’ll see how it turns out. Given that my current priority is finishing the book, it’ll probably take some time. So, in addition to an iPhone I just submitted an order online for a MacBook Pro 15.4”. I am pretty excited about it.


I also needed some “essentials” for my riding experience, so I ordered the Garmin Zumo 660 and the multiset version (anyone wanna go for a ride and talk?) of the CARDO Scala Rider Q2.

cf-lg SCALA RIDER Q2 MultiSet

Suffice to say, that I probably need to stop eating for few months :-)

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