102F, 40C – Officially the hottest day in recorded history

I am amongst those who don’t complain! I miss the hot weather (coupled with being on the beach of course). This is my third summer in Seattle and I love it so far. It’s been absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, warm nights, people are out all the time, Washington lake is full of activity, and so on!

My Seattle friends will hate me for writing this but I have an AC in my condo that I’ve never used, even today it stayed off. Even in Greece I was avoiding ACs as much as possible, I always have the windows down in my car instead of the AC. Yes, it’s hot! Very hot, especially if you are not used to it :-)

So, the officially recorded temperature in Seattle was the highest in recorded history: 102F, 40C!!! According to the forecast the record might be broken again tomorrow :-)