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July 2009

102F, 40C – Officially the hottest day in recorded history

I am amongst those who don’t complain! I miss the hot weather (coupled with being on the beach of course). This is my third summer in Seattle and I love it so far. It’s been absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, warm nights, people are out all the time, Washington lake

Keeping track of my running with RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a very cool app for the iPhone. I tried it yesterday and today for my runs and it’s working pretty well. I have to try harder to bring back my level of fitness (if the numbers are correct :-). I also need to check in my next

Report on weekend road trip + Coldplay

I hit the road this weekend. It was fantastic! I needed to be on the road by myself, in order to concentrate on some Web book writing and also to gather my thoughts and feelings. I find that being on the road is very southing to the soul. I