The 48 hour film project

My friend David is very much into film directing. While he was taking classes, he asked me to act in his film projects with his wife Sophie in the first one and other friends in the second one. It was a looooooot of fun and we even shot the “making of” :-)))

Last year, David and some of his fellow film friends participated in the 48 hour film project competition and did ok. We had few laughs when we went to the opening night of their short movie with a banner and cheers :-)

This year, David is doing the directing himself and asked me to be the first assistant director :-) (I don’t know what that really means but, from what he told me, it seems that I just need to do everything so that he can be ready to say “action” :-))) Anyway… it’s going to be a lot of fun so expect few posts around here about the experience. If you are around Seattle on Tue, June 23rd, come and see our movie and vote for it (if it’s any good).

We are the “SoDa” group and are in Group A.

Seattle 48 Hour Film Project Screening Info:

The screenings will be held on Tuesday and Thursday, June 23rd and 25th at the Harvard Exit: 807 East Roy at Harvard, Seattle 98102

Unfortunately I am going to be traveling (perhaps for the best… avoiding the tomatoes et al :-)

Last Sunday we went scouting for the shooting location. Great place!

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