My new “toy”: BMW R1200GS

Remember about a couple of years ago when I was considering to buy a motorbike? Few months later I went through a safety course and got my US rider endorsement. Then, last year I came very close to buying the 2008 BMW R1200GS (even put down a deposit) but then I decided that it was wiser to pay off my car loan first. Well, that happened a couple of months ago :-)

Sometime in May I started looking for a deal on the 2009 BMW R1200GS. I took delivery of it on Saturday. It’s absolutely fantastic!!! I love it. At around the same time I also met Susan who happened to be a vivid rider (she has a BMW 800ST) so on Sunday we did our first tour (Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Edmonds, Monroe, Duvall, and then back via Redmond and 520). It was absolutely fantastic to be on the road and a great choice for a first ride.

Today, I did my first commute to work with the bike and it felt great! Not only it was faster to come back (HOV lane) but it was soooooo much more enjoyable.

Now, I only need to sort out the music in my helmet and I am ready to explore!!! :-) I am planning to take a safety course for off-road riding so that I can take the bike away from the paved roads for “adventure” weekends, building up towards a “long way around“-style holiday at some point.

At popular demand, here are few photos.


Seattle through the morning mist from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry and Susan.

IMG_0276 IMG_0275

Parked at Kingston for lunch (very tasty crepes).


Parked for ice cream at Duval (I think).


Outside my place

IMG_0287 IMG_0288

And finally, this from Saturday… I just received delivery of the bike and I am ready to set off… :-)

In front of RideWest

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