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June 2009

48h film project – “Marco Polo”, the movie

For a first attempt at making a short film, I think it has turned out really really well. The entire team did an amazing job. Even the music is original, which I think is rare for the 48 hour film project competition.

Check out my previous posts for background

Glastonbury 2009 – It was another great one

I am back in London now. Glastonbury was another amazing experience.

I arrived in London on Thursday evening with a plan on how to reach the festival fields but without having booked anything. BIG MISTAKE. I knew it was going to be an adventure getting there given my late

Glastonbury weather :-(

I guess it wouldn’t be a Glastonbury festival if it didn’t rain :-( It appears that showers are forecast for the weekend, even though it’s beautiful and clear now. I just hope that we won’t have to fight through the mud again (camera got wet in 2008,

The 48 hour film project

My friend David is very much into film directing. While he was taking classes, he asked me to act in his film projects with his wife Sophie in the first one and other friends in the second one. It was a looooooot of fun and we even shot the

My parents’ visit

It’s been a week since my parents left (they visited for 30 days). It was great having them around. If you’ve been following my twitter updates, you’d probably know that it was a bit hectic trying to balance work, parents, and a bit of social life. No