Murray Sargent’s blog

If you are interested in publishing, equations, Scholarly Communications technologies, or if you just want to learn from a great developer and a really fantastic guy, then I highly recommend Murray‘s blog. He’s a Microsoft veteran and amongst the nicest guys I’ve met in the company. Also, he’s one of the two people responsible for breaking the 640KB barrier. Some interesting stories there :-)

When Lee and I started the Chem4Word project, Murray was very supportive and gave us excellent advice. He became an advocate and helped us navigate through the executives to get the necessary backing for our effort.*

He’s just posted an excellent video about entering math equations in Word 2007 using the linear format.


Alex Wade gave me a demo of the latest Chem4Word build and it’s absolutely amazing to see the progress that the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics in Cambridge and Microsoft teams have made since I left External Research. Chem4Word was one of my favorite projects!