Going to Atlanta for the Open Repositories O9 conference

In the next few days I’ll be posting and tweeting about all the MSR-related activities at the Open Repositories 09 conference. I am going there to join the MSRScholarly Communications gang (Lee Dirks, Alex Wade, and Pablo Fernicola) and of course Tony Hey.

As I had previously mentioned, we are also holding a workshop on Thursday (Tools for Repositories – the Microsoft Research & the Scholarly Information Ecosystem). A large part of the Scholarly Communications effort (lead by Lee Dirks) will be presented there… the free tools and plugins and services we are making available, discussion of ideas, concepts, the future, etc!

I just found out that due to interest that exceeded our original planning/expectations, we were moved to a room x3 times the size. So, we are now opening up the workshop and the “space is limited” warning no longer applies. Please go ahead and register.

For workshop registration and related questions, please e-mail the workshop convener at: scholar@microsoft.com

Oh it’s going to be fun!