A joke… capturing the Greek mentality towards work

Few nights ago, my friends Sophie and David came over for dinner with my parents. It was a lovely evening.

During the dinner conversation, my father said the following joke that I think captures the Greek mentality towards work, especially by public sector employees. I am sure that every nation will have a similar joke to make fun of aspects of their day-to-day lives :-)

Please note that the other nations mentioned are random and no attempt is made to stereotype them… including Greeks… I just thought it was funny.

Here it goes (free translation from Greek)…

There was a conference to discuss developments in improving work-life balance. At some point, country delegates started to passionately support the work that was done in the area by their respective nations…

  • British: “We have managed to reduce the length of time that it takes for workers to go from work to sitting with their families for dinner. They get off work at 5pm, they use our advanced Tube network, and by 5.30pm they are at home”.
  • Japanese: “We have done even better. Our bullet trains are so fast that our workers finish work at 9pm and by 9.20 they are at home for dinner with their families”.
  • Greek: “Ha! We finish work at 3pm but we are at home for lunch by 2.30pm” :-)

Which is soooooooo true :-)