My crazy life is going to slow down for a bit (parents are visiting :-)

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy, both at work and in my personal life. Since I can’t talk about what’s going on at work, I’ll log the highlights of what has been happening on the social front. I seem to go crazy around Spring :-)

At first, it was a fantastic weekend with my friend Meredith in Vancouver. The Sanafir restaurant in downtown Vancouver was absolutely amazing. A wonderful experience… food, wine, service, and vibe! Beautiful. We also experienced some of Vancouver’s live jazz and partied. We even made it to a club-scene online magazine (the photo :-)

Stone Temple Nightclub Vanouver panorama

Then, I got really sick… bronchitis with the possibility of pneumonia. After some strong antibiotics, I got better but before I got 100% my friend Meropi arrived from Greece for few days. She’s amongst the few people I know with energy levels close to mine (but not the same :-), so we started exploring and going out immediately. This was my schedule for the last couple of weeks…

  • Meropi arrived and we immediately went out for dinner and at a Seattle underground (literally) club :-)
  • We got up at 5am to go to San Francisco for the weekend
  • Walked around for two days. SFMOMA was amazing as always. The city is soooo beautiful. I love it.
  • Back in Seattle for a night of square dancing at The Tractor.
  • A night of karaoke at the Triple Door. Before the Triple Door, we were at Wild Ginger where the waiter asked for Meredith’s and Meropi’s ID but he said “no need to see yours sir” to me :-)
  • A night of clubbing at the War Room with Daniel.
  • Dinning experiences included: Flying Fish, Ray’s Boathouse, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in San Francisco, La Carta de Oaxaca (what a wonderful little place in Ballard).
  • Another trip to Vancouver. More walking. Sushi and then blues at The Yale. At the Sanafir again and some live jazz at Capone‘s, with my very dary friend Colette and her boyfriend. Then at the wonderful Theoni’s and Simran’s wedding.
  • Immediately after the reception we drove back so I could take Meropi to the airport.
  • A little bit of sleep at 6am and then to a Greek Easter gathering for more food.
  • Then there was the “Thievery Corporation” concert with Tini.
  • The following day “The Killers” concert again with Meredith. Dinner at “How to Cook a Wolf” beforehand (it was rushed because we were running late, so we didn’t really enjoy the entire experience).
  • A gathering at my place to see Cristiane’s photographs from her 3-month trip and then Salsa at the Century Ballroom.
  • Off to Vancouver to stay with Theoni and Simran and then go skiing to Whistler.
  • Got injured (only just) but had a wonderful day.
  • Drove back to Seattle after a day of skiing and went out with Sophie, David, Zoe, Pantelis, Ben, and Olga to Big Daddy‘s. We danced all night to “The Retros“, an 80’s tribute band :-)
  • Starting running as well after a long break due to the bronchitis.
  • Monday went out for dinner at the Harvest Vine with Teresa.

Today was the first day, I think, that I managed to relax and stay in. Crazy eh? Phew!

I’m supposed to be tidying up now because my parents are visiting from Greece tomorrow. They are staying for 30 days. I am very very excited to have them around for a while. I am taking the opportunity to slow down for a bit. I think my body needs it :-)) I’ll take them to visit places though so I’ll still be on the road. The next 30 days are going to be very good for the Web book :-)

Here are some photo highlights from the last few weeks :-) (some of the photographs are from Meropi’s camera)


IMG_9368 IMG_9465 IMG_9470
IMG_9479 IMG_9522 IMG_4111 IMG_4164



(the picture says “her absence filled the world”)

IMG_9421 IMG_9422 IMG_9440


Karaoke (Meropi and I are syncing “Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil. I don’t remember the song that the girls “performed” :-)

IMG_4185 IMG_4187IMG_4190


War Room with Daniel and Meropi

IMG_4207 IMG_4209 IMG_4219


The Yale




IMG_9471 IMG_9474
IMG_9485 IMG_4227


The wedding (lovely photo of Dennis and his mom :-)

IMG_9537 IMG_9528 IMG_9532


Skiing (I owe Simran $5 for taking his top off and skiing while we were waiting for Theoni :-)

IMG_9548 IMG_9551 IMG_9552