Location awareness and semantic data mashups

One of the main reasons I went through the pain of rewriting the blog engine and restructuring my entire web site was the ease/flexibility of development. I wanted to be able to add new features easily so I could experiment with some ideas around data aggregation and integration/combination, especially making use of semantics. Indeed, the “timeline” page was a step towards that direction. The next feature to come up very soon is “location history”. My cell phone will be pinging a service with the longitude/latitude of my location and will record it over time. After that, I’ll try to combine the information with other information from the Web (e.g. “oh… there was a concert at that particular day-time-location… savas was probably there”).

Google introduced Google Latitude along similar lines but I just discovered Glympse as well. It seems like a great execution on the “location awareness” concept. I am sure there are others doing similar things.

I am going to continue with my experiments so stay tuned.