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April 2009

My crazy life is going to slow down for a bit (parents are visiting :-)

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy, both at work and in my personal life. Since I can’t talk about what’s going on at work, I’ll log the highlights of what has been happening on the social front. I seem to go crazy around Spring :-)

At first,

“The Commons” is impressive

On Friday I visited “The Commons”, Microsoft‘s latest building complex. It includes restaurants, shops, a football (“soccer” for the Americans) field, basketball, tables and chairs outside. It’s beautiful. It’s like a shopping center inside the Microsoft campus but I am not sure about having a Microsoft-only collection

Location awareness and semantic data mashups

One of the main reasons I went through the pain of rewriting the blog engine and restructuring my entire web site was the ease/flexibility of development. I wanted to be able to add new features easily so I could experiment with some ideas around data aggregation and integration/combination, especially making

Congrats to Theoni and Simran

I was in Vancouver for few days with my friend Meropi. On Saturday, we attended the wedding of my friends Theoni and Simran. It was a beautiful (Indian/Greek wedding)… an all-day event and the party at the end was fantastic. Lots of color and lots of positive energy,

Trying to get control of my data

The services I use on a daily basis seem to take control of my data. They decide what I can access and what gets hidden/archived. In an attempt to get control of my data maintained by such services on the Web, I decided to start adding extensions to my

The little things you notice…

… when you spend too much time at home being ill :-)

I’ve been in bed for the last 2 1/2 days. I don’t remember when it was the last time I was so sick, with high fever, constant coughing, and no energy at all. I am much better now