I am a proud owner of a goat :-)

Simon Woodman and Einar Volset were visiting during the week. We went out for dinner, together with David Ingham. I took them to my favorite pizza place in Queen Anne, Via Tribunali. It was a lot of fun seeing them.

goatAt the end of the dinner, Einar took all our credit cards and put them in hat. Apparently they play “credit card roulette” sometimes when they go out for dinner. The waitress picked one credit card from the hat for the entire bill. Since I don’t like gambling, I paid part of the bill to Simon (who was the unlucky one). Yes, I am not fun sometimes :-)

Einar was staying at my place. I was working hard on a demo we are preparing for senior executives when Simon called him and asked for my address. Didn’t know why. At some point a little bit later, Einar starts laughing. Simon had forwarded us the confirmation of an order that he placed on my behalf. He used the money to buy me a goat as a gift :-) What a wonderful gift. :-)

Of course, it’s from Oxfam so the money was given to a good cause.