Creative Commons and Ontology Add-ins for Office

We are on a roll. Lee Dirks, Alex Wade, and Pablo Fernicola are executing in an amazing rhythm :-) Well done guys!

Yesterday, we announced the availability of Famulus Beta 2. Today, the team announced the release of two of my favorite projects: Creative Commons plugin and Ontology plugin*. Of note is the release of the source code of these two plugins under MS-PL. Feel free to take the code and evolve it, create even better tools!


* I actually did the design and original implementation of the Creative Commons one, in which you can still find some of my original code (plus all the icons :-). I was also actively engaged in setting up the Ontology plugin project, together with Lee, and then closely followed the technical and architectural work in collaboration with UCSD, working with Lynn Fink over there.


Update: Some more links from Lee…