Xbox 360 is dead again

Second time I get the “red ring of death” :-( As before, no access to my music from my living room for a month :-(

Funny thing… I called tech support to arrange the console’s repair. They asked me to use my “own box” for sending the console. I told them that it was not a problem at all since I had the original box. To my surprise they said “no, you can’t use the original”. Apparently consoles get stolen on the way. Hmmm… why is this my or Microsoft’s problem? Surely it’s the courier’s responsibility.

After talking with the supervisor on call, I was assured that I can use the original box but couldn’t negotiate a replacement console to arrive before I send this one back :-(

Time for a new console me thinks.


Update: Just got the email with the instructions on how to package my console. This makes more sense. The reason they don’t want customer using their original box is because they are not going to use it for the return.

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