Alex and Savas at Dev8D to talk about "Famulus"

The Dev8D event is now over. As always, David did an excellent job at organizing a developer-oriented event that doesn’t follow the traditional, academic-style workshops/conferences. It was fun. It was also great talking with the other geeks in the repository space. There are many clever folks there!

BTW… the “8D” in “Dev8D” is a smilie, in case it’s not obvious; it wasn’t to me :-)

Few folks were briefly interviewed. Here are Alex‘s and my 5 mins (my conversation with the journalist was longer than 5 mins so I don’t think my answers matched the questions… sorry :-(

I am going to prepare few follow up blogs related to the “Famulus” session. Stay tuned.


Update: I forgot to mention… Yes, I do know I look rounder, as Steve observed :-) Working on it. Lee Dirks and I have committed to running the Vancouver half marathon this year.