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February 2009

Kostas’ first music video

I am just proud of one of my best friend’s first music video. He was sending me shorts as he was making it. I am sooo happy to see it finished.

Kostas is a famous fashion/art photographer in Greece and now he’s taking his first steps as a director.

Warning: Changes coming to this blog. Also… Do you have suggestions for a new name?

It was Jan 12th, 2004, when I posted the first entry on this blog. The blog engine I built back then has served both my and Jim‘s blogs very very very well. However, it has really been showing its age. Some design decisions back in 2003 and

Nice little feature in IE8

I saw a demo internally today of a new feature in Live Search that I liked. Apparently you can now start searching in IE8’s search bar and you might get an “instant answer” as a suggestion immediately.


It’ll even do things like arithmetic :-)


BTW… in case