Skiing with Jim

It’s been a wonderful weekend so far. The weather has been amazing: sunshine and blue sky. The snow was not fantastic, though, but we can’t have everything.

It’s been absolutely fantastic seeing Jim and his wife again. I miss it how we tease each other and all the geeky discussions :-) Here are some photos from Sunday…


We are actually on our knees at different levels. He’s not that much taller than me :-)

IMG_9263 IMG_9251
Going down hill (I was skiing and taking photographs with my expensive digital SLR… I never learn :-)

IMG_9262 IMG_9260 IMG_9234
Jim in action. Yeah, he thinks he’s cool because he snowboards. Skiing is more “in” these days :-)


From the top of Blackcomb

Time to get ready and go out for dinner at Whistler village.