Famulus hits the road

Alex Wade and I are going to be in the UK in February to talk and showcase Famulus. We are going to have the new bits with us for developers to play with and new features and samples to talk about. Here’s the announcement.

MSR Research Output Repository Platform @ Dev8D

Come participate in the

JISC Developer Happiness Days

at Birkbeck, University of London, and join us on Friday, February 13th for a half-day exploration of the

MSR Research Output Repository Platform (codename “Famulus”)

Alex Wade


Savas Parastatidis


Microsoft External Research

will be there to keep the happiness flowing and will combine a few short demos with lots of hands-on labs and interactive sessions.   We will show off some of the great new features coming in Beta 2 (RDFs support, data model extensibility, semantic-store integrated authorization, etc.) and will share lots of code samples (e.g. simple inferencing).  Let us know what you want to cover!   

The MSR Research Output Repository Platform is a freely available platform built on top of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the ADO.Net 3.5 Entity-Framework.  Beta 1 of the platform is currently available


.  We will also bring along an early drop of our pending beta 2 release, and will help you get it installed on your laptop if you want to play along!   Software!  Prizes!  Beer! 

If you plan to join us on Friday, please


for the Dev8D event  and drop us a note at


and provide your name & institution.

It’d be great to see you there. Feel free to send us suggestions of things you’d like to see explored, covered, demonstrated or what we should avoid.