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January 2009

Skiing with Jim

It’s been a wonderful weekend so far. The weather has been amazing: sunshine and blue sky. The snow was not fantastic, though, but we can’t have everything.

It’s been absolutely fantastic seeing Jim and his wife again. I miss it how we tease each other and all the geeky

2 wives, 87 children?

This is just crazy. Over the weekend and during a conversation with my skiing baddies Simran and Theoni, Simran mentioned the story of a woman who had 69 children!!! We couldn’t believe it so he just sent us the reference.

Apparently it’s a story from the 1800’s reported by multiple

Windows 7

I am seriously impressed. A huge improvement, in terms of speed and responsiveness from Vista. I’ve been using the M3 build of Windows 7 for some time now but the Beta 1 is awesome. I love the “boot from a VHD” feature.

It’s going to be available for everyone on