Travel blog – Day 15

Back in Mexico.

I woke up relatively early. The hotel didn’t serve breakfast so I made my way towards the Belize-Mexico borders, which were only 10mins away (last night I thought they were further away). At the border, I got bounced a bit but cleared customs and everything in less than an hour. The Mexican part of the border was pretty interesting… they didn’t even check my passport :-)

Headed towards Chutemal to get some breakfast and change my remaining Belize currency. As I was changing currency on the main street, a band and then people marched behind me. Before I knew it, I was on TV :-) If anyone watches Mexican TV in the Chutemal area (probably a local channel), look for me. Since I didn’t know what to say, I just waved, like any good tourist would have done :-) Since they also gave me condoms, I guess this was related to an HIV-awareness or “safe sex” day.


I love being on the road again. I think this is the part of my trip I really enjoy. Belize was great but I should have been more on the move rather than stationed.

After Chutemal (with all the excitement, I didn’t get breakfast), I headed north. Today’s destination was Tulum. I decided that I could afford a longish detour for lunch, so I left the main road and headed towards Majahual. It was 55kms each way from the main road. I thought… just go there, check it out, get lunch, and come back. Well, it turned out that I actually stayed there around 3 1/2 hours :-)

The road was very interesting. I had noticed that roads in Mexico are straight, really really straight. But this one in particular attracted my attention because I knew exactly how long it was (55kms) and I only encountered ONE turn :-) On the way back, I measured the long straight up to that turn… 35kms!!! And I mean it when I say “straight”!


Majahual was fantastic. A destination for cruise ships apparently, as I found out later, but it was very quiet when I arrived. I picked up another hitchhiker on the way, who upon our arrival introduced me to his friend, a waiter at a seaside restaurant. I promised I’d go back after exploring for a while. The place was beautiful.

IMG_8704 IMG_8705 IMG_8706
IMG_8707 IMG_8710 IMG_8712

As I promised, I returned to the restaurant. The waiter, Diego, was absolutely amazing. It was very very quiet so I was the only customer and I felt as if I had my own battler. I sat on the beach and Diego was very helpful, giving me suggestions about things I might want and bringing me stuff all the time. I didn’t want any alcohol since I was driving so he made me a huuuuge pina colada without the rum. Oh… I love coconut.

I went for a swim. It was a dream. Enjoyed the sun.

IMG_8713 IMG_8714

Life can be really difficult at times. This was not one of those times :-)

IMG_8716 IMG_8715

Then, Diego suggested a seafood salad with lobster. I am sorry Colette… I don’t know if I am allowed to eat lobster (for conservation purposes) but I had to try it :-)


I was very lucky with the timing. As soon as I decided that it was finally time to hit the road again, the clouds appeared. I said goodbye to Diego and set off for Tulum.


Picked up another hitchhiker on the way. We tried to exchange few words but after a while we both gave up since even the pantomime didn’t seem to work for either of us :-(

Early in the evening, I arrived in Tulum, the town. I decided to just find somewhere in Tulum to stay rather than looking for another small town nearby. I saw lots of tourist shops on the main street, which is the reason I hesitated. I guess lots of tourists use Tulum as a stop over before they go to the ruins and then continue south or go back up north, to Concun. Anyway… I found a cute little hotel, checked in, and freshened up.


During my walk around the town, I noticed this little restaurant with a lot of character, towards the end of the “strip”. So I decided to dine and drink there. Must have stayed at least 2 hours :-) The beer in the photo is a local one that is being produced only for the month of December every year! I had few of those :-) The waiter was again responsible for my dinner. Not the best this time.

IMG_8727 IMG_8729 IMG_8731

The final visit to a Maya ruins site tomorrow. Exciting!