Travel blog – Day 14

I think I am falling apart :-)

  • Yesterday, while helping the dive master push the boat, I seriously cut my foot. I am now limping.
  • My back is seriously sunburned.
  • And my legs are full of itching spots. My guess is that it’s the aftermath of the bug situation. To be on the safe side, I am going to find a doctor tomorrow in Mexico in case I am just carrying the descendants of those bugs in me.

But my spirit is higher than ever :-)

I woke up and thought that it was time to leave beautiful Placencia and head north. While peaceful and relaxing, I think I like being on the road. So, I left the great cabana behind and started driving.

IMG_8663 IMG_8664

I picked up a nice guy, born in India but now leaving with his local family in Dangiga. We talked about curry cuisine and much more. I was more than happy to do a 20min detour after an hour’s drive to take him to his town. Then I picked another fellow who I think misunderstood kindness with stupidity. He was supposed to be heading south but wanted a lift until the next intersection and then he changed his mind and wanted to take me to see his farm, which was located at the “next village”. When we passed my turn and asked him how long till his farm, he pointed me towards the street, as if it was just around the next corner. When I asked for the distance, he said “28 miles” :-) I stopped, turned, and let him continue on foot. In my mirror, I saw that he was crossing the road, as if he was going to hitchhike back. Hmmm.

Anyway… the advice I got for going faster to the north was not the best one. It was indeed closer, in terms of distance, but it was a dirt road which went on FOR EVER :-( It was ok for Julio, the car, but it’s full of dust now.


The drive towards Mexico was uneventful, until I got close to the borders (about 20 mins or so). I missed my turn (again) but I knew that it was only a very short detour so I continued towards the town of Corozal.

IMG_8667 IMG_8668

As I was driving through Corozal, I noticed a banner advertising the town’s annual festival on 29-30 Nov. Well, opportunity for another change of plans. I check in myself in a hotel, relax for a bit, shower, talk with Jim on IM, and on my way to enjoy the festival. Well… the festival started on Sat morning, continued on Sat night, and ended at 5pm on Sunday evening :-( So no festival for Savas :-)

Instead, I found a gathering at the small central plaza. It was an event to celebrate the start of Belize’s 16 days of activities to raise awareness about equal opportunities for women. It was a nice event. The local priest was quite the character. The group marched around the town and, of course, I joined them. With the priest, we were only three men and I was the only non-local :-)

IMG_8670 IMG_8673 IMG_8676
IMG_8684 IMG_8687 IMG_8692
IMG_8693 IMG_8697 IMG_8702

I am having an early night tonight since nothing seems to be happening around here. I love being on the road again :-)