"Web" vs "REST" APIs

If you are a RESTferian or REST-fanatic, please look away now. This is my regular rant about the term “REST” :-)


I am seeing the term “REST” everywhere these days, as an annotation of things that obviously do not follow the architectural principles expressed in Fielding’s thesis. Also, when someone implements all the REST principles with CORBA or even SOAP (remember that WS-Web experiment?), how are we going to call the APIs then?

What’s wrong with “Web APIs”? It’s beautiful, it captures the fact that they are APIs for the Web and by the Web and doesn’t tie anyone to a particular architectural style. You take advantage of the Web Architecture’s features that make sense to your application and everyone’s happy :-)


Will probably have to repeat in few months just so that I can take it off my chest :-) I know what Jim will probably say… “just move on” :-)

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