Travel blog – Day 9

Last night I slept for 11 hours. Hmmm… I think my body is telling me to take it easy or it’s just that the Trek Stop is the best place to relax and my body is taking the opportunity to make up for all the months of hard work :-) I am not complaining! No writing last night though so I am going to seriously make up for it today.

After a lazy morning and breakfast at the Trek Stop, I headed towards the various falls and treks in the rain forest. Well, soon I realized that the road was absolutely awful and I was consuming much more gas than I had assumed. The road was bad for Julio and I would have been left without gas had I continued. Half way there (45 mins or so of drive), I took the decision to return. I picked up a couple of hitchhikers on the way and came back to San Ignacio.

A soft drink and some reading at a local bar, then back to Eva’s for lunch and writing. Nothing special. Back to Trek Stop for more writing.

There I met Tineke who was doing her “homework” while watching TV :-) We chatted a bit and became good friends. She’s 8 years old (her birthday is on Nov 30) and she’s very very clever and sweet! I know she’s going to read this because she told me that she wanted to see herself on the Web. She also promised to send me an email. I am sorry Tineke I wrote my phone number where I should have written my name in your “friends contact list” . I am stupid :-)

Tinike wants to visit India, more than any other country in the world. I am sure that she will some day. She’s the best student in the class and has the highest grades in math. She has lots of friends and now I am one of them :-)

IMG_8490 IMG_8491

Tinike even made fun of my accent! :-) That was absolutely hilarious. She did comment that I don’t sound like the Americans she’s met.

Tinike, it was an absolute pleasure chatting with you. I am looking forward to your email :-)

Back to writing now!