Travel blog – Day 13

An amazing scuba diving day :-)

I had arranged to go diving today. The weather was gorgeous… sunny and blue sky. It was a 30 min boat ride to the Laughingbird Cay, one of those islands we see in films… very small, few palm trees, soft sandy beach, green waters. It was a dream. Unfortunately I didn’t get my camera with me but Alys was kind enough to send me some of her photos.

01 05 07
16 22 02

Alys and Zach got married 4 years ago here and recently decided that they wanted to live here so they left Wisconsin behind. Their friend Steph also joined them. They all looked happy and relaxed and I am sure their chosen lifestyle had a lot to do with that. It was really great spending time with them today.

The diving was absolutely fantastic. It was my first warm water dive and I don’t think I can ever go back into the cold waters of the Pacific north-west. No way! Lots of different types of fish, colorful, big, small. But most importantly, it was warm and the visibility great.

While coming back from the island I did one of those typical Savas things… I was enjoying the boat ride and the blue/green waters it so much, I didn’t even think about the sun. I didn’t put my t-shirt on so I am now my back is completely red while the rest of my body is white (well, apart from my left arm, which is brown since it was exposed to the sun during all the days of driving :-) And of course no sun block so i am now suffering a bit :-(

But the diving was excellent and that’s what matters.

In the afternoon I stayed on the beach and read. Got some rest early in the evening and then a long dinner at one of the beach bars. I think I am going to hit the road again tomorrow. We’ll see.