Travel blog – Day 12

A very very relaxing day, full of reading. The day was cloudy so I didn’t feel like jumping into the water. Instead, I walked on the beach for a while, then found a palm tree and read philosophy. It’s amazing how much Aristotle, Patlo, and the rest of the gang had figured about the world and how to reason/think about it.

The day moved like this… beach bar, reading, thinking, eating, back to the cabana. Read for a while in the hammock before falling asleep :-) Did some book editing and then out for beers and dinner while reading about space-time, 4-dimensional geometry, set theory, etc. :-) You know… light, holiday reading :-)

As you can tell, I have nothing exciting to report from today. Instead, here are some photos…

The inside of my cabana. I’ll get a picture of the outside tomorrow.

IMG_8627 IMG_8631

The beautiful and peaceful Plancencia.

IMG_8621 IMG_8620
IMG_8652 IMG_8654

This was my view from my palm tree.


No need for comment on this one :-)


Lesson of the day 1: What the sign in the photo above says.

Lesson of the day 2: “One must be able to say at all times – instead of points, straight lines, and planes – tables chairs, and beer mugs” (Hilbert)

Lesson of the day 3: Must learn more about mereology.

Lesson of the day 4: “Chance has become the primary notion, mechanics an expression of its quantitative laws, and the overwhelming evidence of causality with all its attributes in the realm of ordinary experience is satisfactorily explained by the statistical laws of large numbers.” (Born)