Travel blog – Day 1

As you can probably imagine, this blog will be full of travel-related entries for the next couple of weeks. I may still post the odd technology-related one though. You’ve been warned :-)

Arrived in Cancun around 6.30pm and got my rental Fiat. I’ve already had my first “adventure” (due to my stupidity really). I had read in my travel book that gas stations are not common on highways but I had no idea. I followed the advice of the person from whom I rented the car and got the 180d highway from Cancun to Valladolid but had totally forgotten about the gas station situation. 150km later, I arrived at a gas station with the car running on fumes. It was an extremely close call. The highway had no exits at all from Cancun all the way to Valladolid. Phew!

In Valladolid and after having fed my little Fiat (which is still to be named), I drove around (it was already around 7.30pm) and found this very cute, neighborhood hotel called “Santa Lucia”. It’s extremely basic (no expectations really for $25/night) but I really liked how it looked from the outside. I am now sitting at Coffee Koffee for the first and last meal of the day… burritos. The lovely lady here offered me the coffee shop’s password for their wireless :-) Oh… and electricity has just gone around the entire plaza.

 IMG_7696 IMG_7695

I love it here already. I am far from the tourist/resort areas and I plan to stay away (thanks to Frank’s suggestions). Mexicans are lovely!