Obama’s win

It’s been fascinating to watch the entire world paying attention to the election results of one country; a testament to the global role of the US today. I don’t really believe in political labels (“left”, “right”, “socialist”, “communist”, etc.) but I am very sympathetic to social policies, education, research, peace, democracy, and the power of the people. I don’t believe in the power of one nation over others nor in the language of war. I do hope that the world will find its way towards global collaboration, redistribution of wealth, environmental awareness, peace!

There seems to be an element of hope in the US. I honestly wish that we are going to see a huge change going forward compared to the last 8 years. The country, the world, the young generation needs it*. We all need change from time to time. I do hope that the new president will bring this change. History will tell; change won’t happen overnight.

If I am still around during the next election, I’ll definitely voice my opinion through my vote. Had I been eligible to vote today, I would have voted for Obama. I hope that the next 5 years won’t make me change my mind :-)


* It’s interesting to listen to the analysis of how the young generation (18-29 years old) has been the catalyst in this election by going to vote. The net generation has really pulled it off. Also, they’ve done so by fighting within the system rather than outside of it. Well done to them! They are the real hope of the world!