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November 2008

Travel blog – Day 13

An amazing scuba diving day :-)

I had arranged to go diving today. The weather was gorgeous… sunny and blue sky. It was a 30 min boat ride to the Laughingbird Cay, one of those islands we see in films… very small, few palm trees, soft sandy beach, green

Travel blog – Day 12

A very very relaxing day, full of reading. The day was cloudy so I didn’t feel like jumping into the water. Instead, I walked on the beach for a while, then found a palm tree and read philosophy. It’s amazing how much Aristotle, Patlo, and the rest of the

Travel blog – Day 11

Travelled today. I settled my bill with John at the Trek Stop, said my goodbyes, and I was on the road again. I’ll miss that place. I had an excellent time there.

From San Ignacio, I picked up Lisa and Michelle, the two students who are on a tour of

Travel blog – Day 10

Today was “Tikal day”. The previous night I had arranged to join a group, an organized tour, for a day-long trip to Tikal in Guatemala. A number of reasons lead me to decide to leave Julio, the car, behind:

  • I found out that for almost half the distance the

Travel blog – Day 9

Last night I slept for 11 hours. Hmmm… I think my body is telling me to take it easy or it’s just that the Trek Stop is the best place to relax and my body is taking the opportunity to make up for all the months of hard work

Travel blog – Day 8

After I posted the “day 7” entry, I went to my little cabin (see below) and tried to write for few hours but didn’t manage to. It’s soooo peaceful here. You can only hear the sounds of the jungle (and infrequently some annoying dogs… I have nothing against

Travel blog – Day 7

No sign of bugs this morning and throughout the day. My “attack” on them yesterday seems to have paid off. Let’s see tomorrow.

The heavy metal band across the street was playing into the early hours of the morning. As a result, I didn’t get much sleep :-) I

Travel blog – Day 4

The day started very early. I couldn’t sleep all night because of blood-thirsty bugs. Originally I thought it was mosquitoes. Even though I was trying to ignore them, their bites kept waking me up. Then, at around 6am it occurred to me… what if these were not mosquito bites,

Travel blog – Day 3

Another great day, different from yesterday.

I woke up feeling that I needed more sleep. The hotel experience was not good, even though the lady-owner was very sweet, telling me how much she liked Greece and that she wanted to visit one day. Well, I think she did anyway,

Travel blog – Day 1

As you can probably imagine, this blog will be full of travel-related entries for the next couple of weeks. I may still post the odd technology-related one though. You’ve been warned :-)

Arrived in Cancun around 6.30pm and got my rental Fiat. I’ve already had my first “adventure” (due