PDC 08: Day 2 Highlights

Here are some of my highlights of PDC 08 – Day 2 (yesterday)

  • Keynote 1: Lots of new technologies… Windows 7, VS.NET 2010, .NET 4.0, Silverlight outside the browser (great demo Marc! :-), and Office apps in the browser.
  • Keynote 2: Don Box and Chris Anderson did a great job at going around the various dev-related technologies and showing how one could program against them using Atom and HTTP. I am not a fun of the HTTP Method->.NET Class/Method mapping but it gets people start quickly I guess.
  • Doug Purdy‘s talk on Oslo was high-level but informative.
  • Don Box and David Langworthy talked about M. I like M, MGraph, and MSchema. Unfortunately their evaluator didn’t work but I am looking forward to seeing runtimes that can interpret domain-specific M graphs. There is a great opportunity for semantics-related work here.
  • Tim Mallalieu gave a great presentation on the Entity Framework-related work that is going on. I wish we had some of the upcoming features for when we were building Famulus.

Lots of technologies.