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October 2008

PDC 08: Day 3 Highlights

Here are some of my highlights of PDC 08 – Day 3

  • I missed the Rick Rasid’s keynote because my early-morning Chem4Word teleconference overrun but it was important.
  • I attended the Windows 7 context-aware API talk, which was interesting. The accelerometer-based demo at the end was fun.
  • Lots of socializing

I am yellow

I went through a psychometrics evaluation recently as part of a group activity in Microsoft. It was extremely interesting to find out about the characteristics of different personalities. Of course, we should always treat such tests with a grain of salt. We are all individuals with our unique

SWORD plugin for Word 2007

When we started thinking about what we could do to support researchers with tools and services, interoperability with existing formats, protocols, and services was amongst our primary goals. The Conference Management Tool (CMT), eJournal, Chem4Word, Creative Commons plugin for Office 2007, “Famulus”, etc. are all trying