On advertising (that new Microsoft ad everyone is talking about)

I must admit, I do love the “I am a Mac, I am PC”, as I’ve said a number of times on this blog. When Microsoft announced that they were investing $300M on a campaign, I hoped that something good would come out. Well, the first ad has now been released and everyone is talking about it. There are looooong discussion threads in Microsoft internal mailing lists. People like it, people hate it. The same seems to be happening all around the Web. I guess, the mere fact that people are discussing it indicates that the advertisers know what they are doing. I would have preferred, of course, that everyone talked about the ad because it was great, like Apple’s :-( oh well! I am waiting for the follow on spots.


(Screen shot from http://www.microsoft.com/windows as of 6 Sept 2008)

The reason for this entry, though, is to link to a brilliant advertising idea by the same company. It came up in one of the discussion threads I mentioned above. I think it’s funny :-)


Check out the main site and a blog entry with more videos.