My online identity… change it or keep the current one?

When the .name top-level domain name became available, I thought that I would make use of it for all my online identity needs for the rest of my life, so I purchased the domain. My personal email has been since then while my web/blog presence is located at After a change in policy, I was allowed to own so that my entire family can have personal emails, even though they are not taking advantage of the feature yet. The transition was not without pain.

In July, the .me top-level domain name came into existence. I liked the idea a lot and purchased “”. Given the difficulties that people have with my last name, I thought that moving my online identity to “” might make sense. But this means changing everything again (Windows Live ID, blog, feeds, web, email, etc.). So, do I go through the process again? Should I change the promise I made to myself that I will have only one permanent online identity and keep it throughout my life?

The thought is to move my web/blog sites to and running in parallel. As for email, the looks easy and short. What do people think?

If only there was a global semantics processing system that would have allowed me to introduce the following piece of knowledge into the global hive of information facts: is also known as (digitally signed by ‘savas’)

I know we can do it with RDF but the problem is that we don’t have something like DNS allowing us to introduce such a statement and make everyone aware of it. Then again, the last part (i.e. “digitally signed by ‘savas'”) also requires a permanent certificate (or at least another chain of certificates that will ultimately lead to ‘savas’, the person).

All very interesting issues that I am sure people in the security, online identity, semantics domains have been considering for years. The question on whether to transition to “” though still exists.

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