Photos: Zurich airport at sunset and after the rain, Greek food!

So, I arrived in Greece and it’s already been fantastic. After a long trip that saw me waiting at Heathrow for 6 hours, at Zurich airport for 3, I finally arrived in Thessaloniki. My friend Kostas picked me up from the airport at 2am and drove me to Xanthi but not before we stopped to taste some Greek gyros :-) Ah! Greek junk food :-)

Zurich airport

Zurich Airport

IMG_7014  IMG_7015  IMG_7018
Thessaloniki (2008/08/24): Greek gyros at 2.30am!!! This thing was a monster to eat.

IMG_7022  IMG_7023  IMG_7027  IMG_7029
Xanthi (2008/08/26): Eating “mpougatsa” ( p????tsa)… combined with chocolate milk. This thing is nectar in the morning. It’s pastry with Greek feta-like stuffing but not “tyropita” (t???p?ta) as some southern Greeks might have you believe; they are different. You’ll notice the number of plates. I’ve been behaving. Kostas “cleaned” the other three :-)


Xanthi (2008/08/26): More food… at our friend’s Grigoris’ shop :-)


I am now in Athens for my friends Sofi’s and Dave’s wedding. More photos to follow…

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