Chem4Word project

image One of the projects on which I’ve been spending lots of my time is the Chem4Word one. Alex Wade is driving the project and just published a page for the world to see. The team over at the University of Cambridge is fantastic; a pleasure to work with. We are all very excited about the project and our collaboration.

I’ve been trying to put the project together since March of 2007!!! :-) It took as a while but we are now in full motion. Expect a public beta at some point (stay tuned on this blog). I’ve been having lots of fun building prototypes, looking into OOXML, working with the team on the design of the features, etc. We have some really clever folks on board.

Of course, this is another great project brought to you by the Lee Dirks scholarly communications team :-) Yes, I am biased :-)


PS: The image just a mockup that Geraldine Wade of the Microsoft Advanced Reading Technologies group put together.