After Glastonbury, in London at Jim’s

Glastonbury was absolutely fantastic. I really really enjoyed it. It rained on Thursday and Friday but Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous. The sun came out and allowed everyone to walk around, sit on the grass, and really enjoy the atmosphere and vibe of the festival.

I mostly enjoyed the arts, comedy, various shows this year. I still ended up right in front of the stage for many bands but it wasn’t as much as last year. I loved Manu Chao, KT Tunstall, The Feeling, The Gossip, Leonard Cohen, The Verve (they really rocked), Panic at the Disco, Massive Attack. Amy Winehouse‘s performance was horrible; she was all over the place, couldn’t even stand, and couldn’t remember the lyrics.

I saw lots and lots of comedy shows and walked A LOT. I was doing 15-16 hour days around and about. It was so much fun.

I love Glastonbury. No police (at least not in uniform), 130,000 people, and still no fights, no arguments. Everyone is smiling (no, it’s not all due to drugs :-) and you can feel the positive energy in the air.

I met with Carole and Dave; we jumped around together for few shows. It was soooo great seeing them and spending time with them.

Unfortunately, there are no photographs from this year. While queuing to collect my ticket (they don’t send them abroad), my camera got so wet, it stopped working… there goes my good digital SLR (Canon EOS 300D). It was my fault for not protecting my backpack. I am still optimistic that the battery might have just discharged due to the water; we’ll see. If not, it’s time for a new one. Carole and Dave might have a couple of photos. When I get them, I’ll post them.


Now I am in London, spending few days with Jim and his partner. It’s great to see them both; I’ve missed them. Jim and I are focusing on writing chapters for our upcoming book. Yesterday we finished an article for InfoQ we’ve been preparing for some time together with Ian Robinson. I am pleased with the result.