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June 2008

Off to Glastonbury

I am at the airport, waiting for my flight to the UK… on my way to Glastonbury 08. Although some rain is expected again, it doesn’t seem it’s going to be as muddy as last time.


(source BBC Weather)

“Software Philosopher”


A recent interaction with my “Web book” co-authors made me think. When we try to reason about architecture, when we try to come up with the essence of good architectures, good systems design, good practices, we effectively philosophize. We’ve been doing it all these years around REST, the Web,

Seattle Innovation Symposium

I spent the last two days at the Seattle Innovation Symposium. What a fascinating event. I was invited to share my observations around innovation in Microsoft. Those who know me and how I feel about some of the things that happen in my company would not have been surprised

ARAX vs AJAX (and the unfortunate perception towards Microsoft)

My company has loooong way to go if the perception towards its practices is to change. The following quote I think summarizes the opinion of many in the tech community :-(

Indeed, Galbraith said, “As long as Windows/Office dominates Microsoft’s balance sheet, these cross-platform Microsoft plays always feel a bit

Jim Gray tribute

I was at Berkeley over the weekend for Jim Gray‘s tribute. It was an excellent event. Lots of big names in Computer Science were there to celebrate Jim‘s life and career. It is absolutely amazing how many people Jim touched on a personal and professional level. Very

goosh – geeky cool

I just read about goosh on ./. How cool. And how appropriate that it’s a shell hosted in a browser. I am sure there are other similar ones all over but the delivery of this particular one is just cool.

(only those who’ve used a *nix shell will appreciate