Sasquatch Festival!

Ok… Sasquatch was nothing like Glastonbury. Wayyyy too small.

I arrived there on Friday late afternoon. I thought I would just set up my tent and then start doing things, jumping from party to party with live music. Nope… it was a quiet Friday evening. There were some ad-hoc parties going on in the camp site but no live music or DJs. I met lots of people though in the camp site so it was a pleasant, albeit quiet, evening.

I spent all Saturday in front of the main stage, jumping around…

  • I loved Beirut and the The New Pornographers.
  • M.I.A. was so full of energy and had the crowd going. Highlight… getting people from the audience on stage to dance (the security guys went mad since the stage was absolutely packed with crazy-dancing youngsters :-)
  • Modest Mouse were brilliant
  • R.E.M. were at a different level than anyone else, despite the rain. I did feel like I was the only one who knew their songs (sign of my age difference with the young folks right in front of the stage :-)

Sunday I visited the other two stages and the comedy tent and only saw the later part of the main stage performances (again, around 20ft from the stage :-):

  • The Maldives were great (Yeti! Stage)
  • Andy Peters (comedy tent) was hilarious
  • Saw the last couple of songs of Tegan & Sara (they seemed nice)
  • The Presidents of the United States of America was amazing. I had been listening to their music for some time so it was nice to see them live.
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead… WOW!!! So much energy. This guy was amazing. I am definitely going to look for his music but I think his live performance was absolutely great.
  • Death Cab for Cutie… definitely one of the highlights.
  • The Cure!!! No words to describe the feelings really. The only band that played for 2h40mins non-stop. They didn’t talk to the crowd… they just played music, non-stop. Even from the start you could tell that you were in the presence of legends; that they were at such a different level than anyone else. Was it their attitude? Was it their music, their passion, their complete emersion into the moment? They definitely made a huge impression on me. Absolutely fantastic!

Photographs to follow when I get around to downloading them from my camera.

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