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May 2008

Coldplay ad

I was playing with the Windows Media Center on my server at home (sorry… can’t say why given I don’t watch TV :-) and I saw an ad of Coldplay‘s new album. I thought… wow… this is such a cool advert, great visuals, great atmosphere… it must be the

Sasquatch Festival!

Ok… Sasquatch was nothing like Glastonbury. Wayyyy too small.

I arrived there on Friday late afternoon. I thought I would just set up my tent and then start doing things, jumping from party to party with live music. Nope… it was a quiet Friday evening. There were some ad-hoc

New toy: an eReader

the iliad

In my ever futile attempt to persuade everyone in my team to stop printing, I purchased an eReader. I went for iRex’s Iliad

  • It has a larger screen than other popular readers;
  • Note taking capability (even though the design and the form factor of the Sony eReader made me

Cloud computing in action

Using the Web as a platform? Not having to build an entire ecosystem of infrastructure protocols in order to utilize another organization’s/company’s resources (by paying for it of course)? Living the distributed, large-scale computing dream without having to build your own infrastructure? How, why didn’t anyone tell this to the

"Vatican Says Alien Life Plausible"

Now, I wouldn’t usually blog about a ./ article like this but the highlighted sentence made me laugh, something that I seriously needed after a tiring day full of meetings…

“According to BBC, the director of the Vatican Observatory stated in an article titled ‘Aliens Are My Brother’ that intelligent

Which Mac?

If you were to recommend a Mac laptop, which one would it be?

Please note that I am not after a power/dev machine like my Thinkpad T61p but it does have to be fast enough for some modest development

Bora’s blog is active again

I think I have already linked to Bora’s blog but one more time doesn’t hurt. I’ve been privileged to see some of the stuff he’s working on and, I can tell you, it’s very exciting! Stay tuned.