Working from Greece

For the last two weeks I’ve been working from Greece, from my family home. It was sooooooo nice being close to family and friends again. I miss being there. I also took the opportunity to visit Istanbul. It’s crazy that I had never been there even though I grew up in a city which is 4-5 hours drive away.

Here are few photos…

Petinos 1

Petinos 2

My family house



Savas (finally) climbs the local mountain (well… more like a big hill :-)


Xanthi 1

Xanthi 2     

The small city of Xanthi from above



And some photos from Istanbul…

IMG_6593 IMG_6598IMG_6606


And foooooooood in Thessaloniki :-) (this was just the beginning of a loooooooong meal, one of the many I had while in Greece :-)


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