Oh dear… 3 Lesbians (people from the island of Lesbos) are suing

For the moment I thought it was April 1st all over again. But it’s the last day of April, not the first. I read about the following piece of news in in.gr, the popular online news site in Greece.

Three inhabitants of the island of Lesbos are suing the Greek Homosexual and Lesbian Community in Greece for the use of the term “Lesbian”. Apparently, they say that it should only be used to indicate origin from the particular island (“Lesbian” -> Someone from Lesbos), rather than sexual orientation.

I just can’t believe it. Surely, my country’s courts have many more serious problems to deal with. I just hope the international news sites don’t pick this up because they are going to be laughing with us (I guess I am not helping by blogging about it :-).

Oh dear… can some people be more backwards than this?

Original article in Greek

Google trying to translate (but not doing a fantastic job)

Update: And surely enough, it made it to the front page of BBC News online. (thanks to Simon for the comment)

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