Jim on .NET Rocks

It’s really funny to experience your pal’s rise to stardom :-) I hope that Jim doesn’t forget his humble origins and friends :-)))

Due to the years we’ve been working separately, our rhetoric has slightly diverged. I personally see a service as an architectural abstraction for encapsulating some piece of functionality, no matter how coarse-grained. That functionality can be anything from a business process to an OS process to the encapsulation of an entire organization. I guess Jim‘s focus on building enterprise applications has directed him to talk more about what makes sense in the business world, hence the “service encapsulating a business process” discussion, but we are effectively talking about the same thing; of course we are… how couldn’t we, after all those arguments when coming up with MEST, SSDL, SOA-related slides, and writing software together :-)

I loved the discussion on WSDL and messaging behavior and I was pleased to hear about SSDL again :-) BTW… during my first year in Microsoft I built a prototype showing off how the messaging behavior of a service could be exposed as a XOML-based contract. I think the CSD folks were working on a product version of the idea already but I don’t know what happened.

As always, MEST had to be mentioned :-)

In general… I loved the show. That’s my very good pal Jim! :-)