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April 2008

Jim on .NET Rocks

It’s really funny to experience your pal’s rise to stardom :-) I hope that Jim doesn’t forget his humble origins and friends :-)))

Due to the years we’ve been working separately, our rhetoric has slightly diverged. I personally see a service as an architectural abstraction for encapsulating some piece of

Working from Greece

For the last two weeks I’ve been working from Greece, from my family home. It was sooooooo nice being close to family and friends again. I miss being there. I also took the opportunity to visit Istanbul. It’s crazy that I had never been there even though I grew

SOA – cohesion, granularity, coupling, rudeness… eh?

Those who have been following my blog for the last few years know that I have stopped blogging about Service Oriented Architectures, SOAP, REST, etc. I would like to think that I have moved on, leaving the space for those who actually actively practice building systems in the enterprise. I

Glastonbury here we come!


Tickets for the Glastonbury festival were out for sale today. Last year, I was only able to get tickets for Carole, Dave, and myself when they reissued some from the failed transactions. Back then, we had been trying for hours and hours but we couldn’t get through.


Santosh is blogging

Woo hoo! I hadn’t realized. He should have told me (or he did and I forgot :-(

Santosh Balasubramanian (hehe… someone with a more difficult last name than mine :-) is blogging! Santosh is the GREAT Program Manager with whom I’ve been working over the last few months. He works

Merging data graphs – myExperiment & Resource-Output Repository Platform

In a recent post, I briefly discussed our “research-output” repository platform and linked to a video of a demo visualization of the data graph stored in the repository. I had previously used the same WPF technology to visualize the myExperiment data graph. Since I’ve been talking about