A wonderful weekend at Whistler

As I said in a previous post, I went to Whistler for few days. It was absolutely wonderful. I had a much needed downtime and enjoyed skiing. The first couple of days were fantastic. Sunday morning was really beautiful but in the afternoon it got cloudy and icy so I stopped the day short.

Panorama 2

(photos taken using my HTC Touch Cruise, so poor quality, and stitched together using Windows Live Photo Gallery)

On Saturday, and after having completed an off-piste steep run, I was merging into a cat track when I suddenly found my face on the snow and then doing a couple of rolls. I felt as if my skis had hit something hard. Well, at the side of the cat track and unseen to the naked eye, there was a well hidden, very sharp rock :-( The result? My brand new skis scared really badly (the photo doesn’t really show how deep the “wounds” really are :-). I just left them at REI for repairs :-(


Lesson learnt? I am buying a helmet because that could easily have been my head! And who’s going to bother Microsoft people about data networks then? :-)

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