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March 2008

Relationships can have properties as well

I was asked a very good question by the people who are going to be using our “research-output” platform. They want to be able to capture information like this: “Paper P was authored by Author A while A was a Microsoft employee”. The use case is obvious. In Microsoft

Microsoft and "Research-Output" Repositories

imageWhat is Microsoft going to show at the Open Repositories 2008 conference in few days? Why is the entire “scholarly communications” section of the Technical Computing team going there? :-) Lee Dirks, Alex Wade, Santosh Balasubramanian (an honorary member!), and I are going to be there to interact with


After my latest soccer (erm… football) league game today, which we lost again :-(, I came to the office to catch up with some work. I installed for the first time and I am loving it. I felt like “Pink Floyd”-similar music while coding and voila…

Ah… the beauty

Google Visualization API

I just love it and I am jealous. We should be doing things like this as well. After the Gapminder folks moved to Google, we were all expecting something like this to be released. The execution is just beautiful… components that can be used in iGoogle or just be

A wonderful weekend at Whistler

As I said in a previous post, I went to Whistler for few days. It was absolutely wonderful. I had a much needed downtime and enjoyed skiing. The first couple of days were fantastic. Sunday morning was really beautiful but in the afternoon it got cloudy and icy

Natural language processing-based search in Vista

Here’s a feature I didn’t know about. Alex Wade, who was the technical Program Manager responsible for this functionality in Windows Vista, showed me how to enable it. It’s a pity that such a great feature is disabled by default.

So… go to Folder Options (you’ll find it in


I was at Whistler last weekend and I am going there again in a couple of hours. Yes, I finally took some time off (today and tomorrow). Last weekend it was fantastic but didn’t really enjoy skiing. This week I will also spend some time with my friend Colette and