Phew… Can’t wait for the weekend

Just spent the entire night at the office. It’s the ThinkWeek paper deadline today and I’ve been working on three of them!!! But it seems that we’ll submit all of them on time, if nothing goes wrong. I am very excited about the ideas we are proposing. Well, I hope that other technical folks inside Microsoft think the same :-)

So the weekend is here and I am heading to Calgary to meet Jim. We are going skiing for two days. I am looking forward to seeing him again after so long and hanging out with my pal on the Canadian slopes. Should be fun. I wonder whether we’ll be able to do some pair coding or book writing… knowing Jim, there’d probably be some alcohol involved :-)

Update: Well, the papers got submitted in time (5 hours before the deadline) but I still managed to miss my flight to Calgary :-( I am waiting for the late evening flight now :-( Sorry Jim!